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 Criminal Minds season 7 JJ Play a new role

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PostSubject: Criminal Minds season 7 JJ Play a new role   Fri Aug 26, 2011 3:06 am

At the first time Criminal Minds seventh season DVD boxset begins, JJ's come back with the team, however, she isn’t returning in the same role, and she'll have a new position, do you want to know what will happen for JJ?
AJ Cook talked TV about being back on the CBS, and previewed a little about the woman's character, such as the new job she's when your woman returns towards the team: "JJ's the profiler! I was not going to return if all of us couldn't determine a method to use the woman's properly. We do not need to generate reasons the reason why JJ is involved with certain moments anymore. She is there simply because she goes there right now! That gray area is finished and this feels great! JJ has always been an essential member of the team, and now it sounds like there's going to be even more reason why that's true in Criminal Minds season 7 Season DVD boxset.
Even though she had to play the old role, there some change for JJ, but fans of she believe that she'll be able to handle it and do it well. I think most of the fans are looking forward to seeing AJ come back on Criminal Minds Season DVD as JJ?
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Criminal Minds season 7 JJ Play a new role
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