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 The Simpsons Attracted So Many People

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PostSubject: The Simpsons Attracted So Many People   Wed Aug 24, 2011 1:34 am

The Simpsons Season DVD boxset is widely loved by people, and this TV show is more and more popular. The Simpsons has released a long time, but many people still have a deeply impression about it. Having over 400 episodes and also a full length cinema movie the Simpsons reveals an aspect of the American way of life that lingers in society. I think most of us have watched this TV show already, and everyone who had watched this is TV show would like it very much.
I think every Simpsons fan know the main characters are Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie and you secretly identify with Homer's troubles and his obsession with doughnuts and Duff beer. There are so many interesting parts in The Simpsons 22 DVD boxset, I am strong recommended you to watch it. It maybe the best idea to look like Homer Simpson though how do you let the world know that you are the Simpsons most super cool number one fan? People who sit in front of the computer all day, the wallpaper is more important than real life wallpaper because they are looking at it for many hours a day. Homer and Bart can exhibit really inappropriate role model behavior, but that's the joke. Marge and Lisa are fairly reliable in their do-good natures, but they too have their weaknesses. Homer drinks beer to excess. Characters are shown getting pass-out drunk. But if you love the Simpsons you should definitely get free Simpsons wallpaper for your computer desktop.
Generally speaking, this is a really good TV show, Bitter ironies shows human existence state of Central America, mainly irony mode of life, that the more extensive American culture and society, even television itself, I think watch The Simpsons season DVD boxset show we will learn a lot from it.
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The Simpsons Attracted So Many People
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