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 Some Interesting TV Shows For you

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PostSubject: Some Interesting TV Shows For you   Some Interesting TV Shows For you I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 18, 2011 7:38 am

When we talk about the best TV shows, we may have different opinions for all are different people. Some may like horror, some prefer drama, some like comedy, and some go for the old favorite relationships and romance. From my point of view, I like particular shows that have left an impression on audiences worldwide. I’d like to list some of the best TV shows to you. Here are some of the best TV shows in recent year.
Mad Men, AMC
Currently Mad Men is a favorite among critics and the crowd. The story is about the existential angst of an ad man of the 1960's. Don Draper is an excellent writer and actor who is funny, shaded, caring and romantic. Watch Mad Men Seasons 1-4 DVD to see the genius.
Weeds, Showtime
Recently widowed soccer mom, starts selling pot to maintain her family's rich Californian lifestyle; life becomes ugly. Weeds Season 6 DVD Box Set TV show is a dark comedy with perfect characters who keep on adding all the regular elements and emotions of life.
The Simpson's
The Fox Network's first television series to enter the top 30 highest rated shows. Since over 2 decades this show has entertained the American audience as well as viewers from around the world. The Simpsons Seasons 1-22 DVD Box Set show has managed to get Emmy's, Peaboy Award as well as Annie Awards. It is today known as the longest running American animated program and longest running American primetime entertainment series.
From my point of view, the three were best TV shows in recent. There were so many great shows had all the fun. I know these are few of the interesting TV show, but all I recommend are really attractive. If you like it you can watch it, don’t hesitate.
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Some Interesting TV Shows For you
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