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 Supernatural is an amazing show.

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PostSubject: Supernatural is an amazing show.    Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:25 am

Supernatural is an amazing show. supernatural dvd Season 4 starts off where Season 3 left off and brings one of the biggest twists to the plot: Angels. Yes! I spoiled it for you! But with the introduction of Angels, the storyline becomes tighter and the intensity of the Winchester's interactions becomes so much more dramatic. how I met your mother dvd You never know what's going to happen. The show is a never ending series of twists and turns and personally, Season 4 is probably my favorite next to Season 1. The Apocalypse is happening, the Angels are willing it to happen, Castiel's betrayal, Dean's unwillingness to be a pawn to Heaven, Sam's walk to the darkside; Project Runway dvd there's so much that's going on in Season 4 and it's all put together flawlessly. The tension of plot and between the characters is what makes Season 4 so enjoyable. Best season ever. Supernatural is a great show. It is fun for all ages and the whole family. This show portrays family, brotherhood, love, betrayal, supernatural, mystical, and awesome. Mad Men dvd The two brothers Dean and Sam are great characters. They are also very good actors too. They are funny and witty. All the villains are great too. There are a lot of different villains so the show never becomes boring. The bad part is there are only five seasons so far and they do not know if another season is going to be made. true blood dvd Every show is great and it is all worth watching. There are also a lot of great looking girls on the show that Dean hooks up with. You see a picture of two different type of brothers. Kind of like in every day real life. It is a great show.
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Supernatural is an amazing show.
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