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 100 years of magic WALT DISNEY 164 discs dvd

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PostSubject: 100 years of magic WALT DISNEY 164 discs dvd   Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:35 pm

This collectionWalt Disney DVD is some of the original "Alice" shorts that Walt Disney began in 1920, a format that involved a little girl to live (although very sophisticated, with heavy makeup!) Towards animated backgrounds, and some some of the best short films ever released by Disney's studio during CSI: Las Vegas DVDthe golden age when the "9 Old Men", the original leaders were still create their own unique magic with a pen and paper. The shorts are: "Lambert, the sheepish Lion", "Ben and I" and "Freewayphobia" Parts 1 and 2.For those of you who have not had the pleasure of seeing, "Leo Lambert embarrassed," you are a real pleasure, the Japanese Emperor Hirohito, was so fascinated by this particularLost DVD short, that Walt Disney made his film version of the original print.Leon said shyly, which is approved by the sheep, and think that is one of them, until the day his mother has threatened the wolf, so it will be a lion, should have been all the time. Great short."Ben and Me" tellsHow I Met Your Mother DVD the story of Amos Mouse, who lives with his family in a church, and said: "We were poor as Job church ...."Starting to make his way in the world and find a fortune to support his family, Amos eventually ends up in the house of Benjamin Franklin and the two form a partnership very funny and touching. Amos explains the entire short that some of the inventions were actuallySons Of Anarchy DVD the Franklin ... bifocals, Franklin stove, and printing, with the exception of Franklin Credit in the process.
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100 years of magic WALT DISNEY 164 discs dvd
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