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 Five Series of Tribe Are Created

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PostSubject: Five Series of Tribe Are Created    Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:31 pm

Tribe The Tribe DVDwas mainly targeted at the general public at the age of 11-18, although it has all the fans of the series ages.Five Tribe was created, with 52 runs per game, for a total of 260 cycles for the duration.The television series starts at about six to nine months after all theCSI: Las Vegas DVD adults were killed by an unknown virus. The story of the survival of children and adolescents who are stranded around the city at a disadvantage. The world has become a hell of primitive anarchy, confusion, danger and fear. Without adults One Tree Hill DVDto guide, rule, or to protect the world's children are on their own need to build a new world that can live inThey seem to focus primarily on the Mall Rats of the tribe. Its members are faced with problems of techniqueThe Office DVD (how to get clean water and some kind of power) and the problems of morality. Children dealing with adolescent issues (love, fear, fraud, goals, friendships), as well as Sopranos DVDthe biggest problems that threaten peace in their new world (to find the antidote to the virus, bringing peace to the city by Locos defeating, selected and Technos).
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Five Series of Tribe Are Created
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