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 I love Scrubs with high interest

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PostSubject: I love Scrubs with high interest   Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:29 pm

I love ScrubsScrubs DVD (with most posters here). I never really discovered until this year, but now I can relive the beginning. For a first season, which is excellent and expiremental less than in other shows. The comments are also interesting contrast with most DVD players. (I found it interesting that NeilLost DVD Flynn, who plays the doorman ab bookstores almost all lines).The reason why NBC still paddle around and not advertising, because the show is owned by Disney. This is Disney, which ultimately benefits the program. Therefore, the NBC would be better to spend money to advertise How I Met Your Mother DVDone of their own shows, and they know that no matter how many times they move Scrubs, faithful followers who always seek. I still think it was a low blow that does not understand what are the first line for fall (which will come later as aCSI: Las Vegas DVD midseason replacement.) I do not think always will be canceled, but the whole thing Disney property to avoid having to be marketed to the masses, and maintains a cult status. (This really should show on ABC - maybe he thought he was too excited or something like that) I'm waiting for Scrubs on DVD, because we'll be late enough in the first season ... .but from what I understand Sons Of Anarchy DVDthe root cause has not yet taken off is probably due to the fact that Disney (TV tones, say ABC) to give the Destroyers and will be aired on NBC ..
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I love Scrubs with high interest
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