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 Gilmore Girls So Interesting

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PostSubject: Gilmore Girls So Interesting   Wed Jul 13, 2011 5:51 am

Gilmore Girls series TV show is so popular in the world. In this show most due to the loss of the creator and head writer before season seven, it lacked its usual creative luster. I’m highly recommend you watch this show, for this is really an interesting TV show, and I’m sure you will love like it at the first sight you watch it.
To me, I think all the main characters in this show play quite good, and all of them do a great job. I like them very much. The main character Lauren Graham did a terrific job as Lorelai Gilmore. Naturally she had been playing this part for six years prior, but nonetheless she took her performances to a new level. When telling Chris how she really feels about the whole thing the tears are real, but not to the point where the scene comes off ridiculous. The one thing that suffered in her performance was the usual dialog pace. Alexis Bledel is as always the delightful and smart Rory Gilmore. It was mostly due in part that some of the plotlines were along the lines of something she knows is not what her character would do or say. I feel the most interesting part is the last episode was not what was imagined. Gilmore Girls Season DVD is about happiness and things working out for the better. That is something you rarely see on television. We see them kiss and that is it. That is not enough for an audience that has waited for seven seasons. There was no scene afterwards to show how much in love they were or even a wedding. I’m sure many young adult like to watch this show, and if you have interest in this show and want to watch this show, you can buy the DVD watch it, for all the season DVD has already released on. Don’t hesitate to watch this show, trust me you will never regret watching this show.
There are many interesting parts in Gilmore Girls season that will make you laugh all time. It’s a good choice for you to watch this show when you alone
at home in the weekend and not happy. You can watch it with you friend, share your happiness with you friends. I’m sure no one watches this show and not like this show.
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Gilmore Girls So Interesting
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