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 The Office Season 1-7 is the most creative and fun I've eve

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PostSubject: The Office Season 1-7 is the most creative and fun I've eve   Tue Jun 07, 2011 1:03 am

The OfficeThe Office DVD is by far the most creative and fun I've ever seen. I am grateful to the creators of this series! if you have not yet entered it, or if you need to understand the characters / plot, this season is much less expensive (only 8 episodes tho: (... you'll be disappointed once more, because it is so wonderful Sopranos DVDand exciting !), but did not hesitate to recommend anybody.I live every Thursday because of this show. just restored my faith in American comedy and "Must-See TV." Steve Carell as Michael Scott is a winner . Where do you hate him, but in anotherOne Tree Hill DVD cheer? Rainn Wilson as Dwight, the annoying co work do not understand is a gem. In my heart, I really think it deserves Dwight pranks pulled on him by Jim. On the whole Jim and Pam romance, never rooted for a couple like me much.Their screen chemistry is perfect, you will learn that when they are off-screen couple of small breaks my heart. This novel is nothing like the whole Lorelai / Luke thing to witness is Sopranos DVDGilmore Girls.I will not ruin the season finale of season 2, but I can honestly say it was nothing like what he saw in his life.God bless the TV! What is a replica of the antics of the office for real! Having worked across a very boring for NCIS:Los Angeles DVDmany years, I really can appreciate the humor and office jokes a little childish. I love this show and I hope you have many more seasons to follow. I hope future episodes. Does anyone still animated Dilbert?
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The Office Season 1-7 is the most creative and fun I've eve
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