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 a typical sitcom "The Office",worthy buying

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PostSubject: a typical sitcom "The Office",worthy buying   Fri Jun 03, 2011 12:59 am

Do not expect a typical sitcom "The Office"The Office DVD. laughtracks None. No punch line. No gag humor ... Well, okay ago. And some episodes have a clear end. Instead, we saw the format of "This Is Spinal Tap" and Christopher Guest mockumentaries - hidden cameras watch the madness. And what those cameras see is enough to make the How I Met Your Mother DVDworld weep cabin-dwellers because everything is so familiar ... yet so twisted.The first season is also strongly flavored British humor jokes along the stapler-in-Jell-O. But most of the humor is part of this exhibition - a lot of jokes Jim The Tribe DVDand Pam , horrendously difficult problems (Michael tries to be "fun" is the birthday party of a worker aging) and interconnected stories about office romance and conflict.But the best part is the dialogue - impassive, unspeakably funny dialogue on any topic.Steve Carell has big shoes to fill, but his manic fervent, unconsciously insulting Michael Scott does a great boss, who had to sell kidney Sopranos DVDto avoid work. Wilson is also brilliant as a completely strange dork Dwight, while Fischer and Krasinski are very nice as the mischievous Every man and his soul mate.More subtle and yet goofier than almost any other American sitcom "The Office"Scrubs DVD results in the British humor in a large post-mockumentary comedy. Funny, frightening and spiritual reality, the first season is a short sweet experience.
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a typical sitcom "The Office",worthy buying
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