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  this DVD is definitely worth a rent if not buy

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PostSubject: this DVD is definitely worth a rent if not buy   Mon May 23, 2011 2:58 am

Although I have not seen the original version of The Office DVDOffice (which everyone seems to claim is better), I had heard a lot of good things about it. So when I saw that NBC was bringing an American version of 'Office of the mid-season replacement network (ie, only 6 episodes), I was worried that we would have a clutch in our hands. United States Sopranos DVDof America has never been very good at adapting to British shows. And funny when I saw Steve Carell had seen some small roles, I was afraid that he would be too funny. I was terribly wrong. The first episode, I noticed a slightly abridged version of Episode 2, the diversity of the day. NBC had set up a Myspace account where you can sneak a peek to episode. I found hysterical. Humor One Tree Hill DVDwas uncomfortable, but at the same time incredibly funny. It was definitely different. I loved the lack of a laugh track and a documentary-style look. (I'm also a big fan of Arrested Development).Then I saw the first season. Something definitely How I Met Your Mother DVDmissing. Apparently, an American pilot who was only an edited version of the British driver. Still, it was very funny moments. Most fans will agree, however, that when the pilot is when the show began to flourish. This set contains six episodes comprising Season 1, and a lot of deleted scenes (almost all of which are incredibly hilarious) and an audio commentary on some charactersTwo And A Half Men DVD episodes.Supporting, a British colleague had a very small role have the opportunity to develop very and really got to know these people. Finally, when Arrested Development, this is my favorite live action TV comedy, and this DVD is definitely worth a rent if not buy.
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this DVD is definitely worth a rent if not buy
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