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 One Tree Hill as the greatest show ,you must see

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PostSubject: One Tree Hill as the greatest show ,you must see   Mon Apr 18, 2011 11:17 pm

I'll admit that at the beginning of season six, I was worried. I think One Tree Hill DVDOne Tree Hill as the greatest show ever, but after last season, I was not sure what that had to do with the characters. But after watching the first episode that left doubt my mind. Stories filled with action, romance fresh, the Sopranos DVDperfect combination of drama and comedy. I liked to explore the sides of Brooke had not shown to the public. His studies as a foster mother is both the heart wamring and entertaining, and his fall into darkness after being attacked in his shop made for some good television. Brooke really broke out without the female lead in this season which is excellent for such a big fan of Brooke. The Nanny How I Met Your Mother DVDCarrie and scenarios Ravens film is also distinguished by some of the best seasonal. Season six of One Tree Hill is my favorite season. Lucas finally makes his mind and chooses Peyton.The story lines are crazy, crazy but fun nanny Carrie. Peyton and Lucas finally have some happiness in their lives Scrubs DVDand teased viewers by talking about marriage, the book receives an offer from Lucas Film, and Peyton and Lucas are very pleased with the news of the pregnancy. However, happiness does not last. treatment of the film Lucas and Peyton falls through a pregnancy complication. Peyton's ex-boyfriend is in town to produce the film Lucas. Brooke is attacked in his shop that brings in NCIS:Los Angeles DVDthe dark. Haley also ends convince Brooke to have a foster child named coach Nathan Sat, Lucas, and abilities of the new Tree Hill Ravens, in which Nathan becomes a mentor to Quention that give them problems in the basketball team Haley ball and gives you problems in the classroom.
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One Tree Hill as the greatest show ,you must see
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