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 One Final Meal

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PostSubject: One Final Meal    Thu Mar 31, 2011 4:47 am

Back to the competitioHeroes Seasons box setn, which is immediately an Elimination Challenge (which makes sense in this final episode). Each of the chefs will need to create their "restaurant" Gilmore Girls dvdwith a four-course tasting menu. The challenge will begin in the morning.
When the morning comes, aGilmore Girls complete seriesll (or most -- it's hard to count) of the previously-eliminated cheftestants are waiting in the kitchen, greeting Padma like a kindergarten class on the first day of school. They will be the sous-chefs for the finalists. And then theCSI New York dvdy will complete a challenge in order to be chosen as sous-chefs. Each needs to create an amuse-bouche before the finalists even enter the kitchen. Crazy...Even crazier? The sous-chefs will be chosen by blind taste test. Mike and Richard will pick tCSI New York box setheir favorite three dishes, and the chosen dishes will indicate the sous-chefs. Everyone wants Jen Carroll. Nobody wants Marcel.
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One Final Meal
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