The Mask Infects Your Souls

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 The Great Debate of Strength vs. Loyalty

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PostSubject: The Great Debate of Strength vs. Loyalty    Thu Mar 31, 2011 4:40 am

After last week's Bibangel dvdle-bonding, Stephanie arrives on Redemption Island and only wants to talk about all the food she wants to eat, which annoys Matt. I've been iffy on Matt uangel box setp until now, but he says, "You're killing me, Smalls," a fantastic shout-out to the movie The Sandlot and an expression I frequently use, so disney dvd setMatt is officially my new BFF. That movie rules from start to fidisney box setnish, and anyone who quotes it scores major points in my book.
The duel is a giant game of memory, and with some miraculous help from God, Matt wins for the fifth time in a row. He has officially eliminated every single person so far on SurvivoDexter Season 5 DVDr: Redemption Island, single-handedly taking out Francesca, Kristina, Russell and his two acolytes.
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The Great Debate of Strength vs. Loyalty
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