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 100 Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend - Fun Laser Questions

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PostSubject: 100 Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend - Fun Laser Questions   Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:19 am

I very often see mini laser pointer and hear guys looking for good questions to ask their power laser pointer girlfriend. There may be a lot of reasons, what is powerful green laser yours?

Looking to get to know your powerful green lasers valentine date better?
Running out of things to talk to your sweetie about powerful laser pen?
First date jitters and don't know what to talk about red beam laser?

Well, here are first half of 100 questions that can break the ice and get a red laser pen conversation going. Check them out and then continue to my red laser pointer blog for the other half, agreed?

And, please, remember that the most important red light laser thing is to have fun! Although this might seem easy to BUY WHOLESALE sit and list all the questions before your girlfriend but she might BUY ELECTRONICS freak out and run away from you and we wouldn't BUY LASER like that, would we? So make fun of it. Throw a couple of wholesale blue laser questions and talk about them, discuss the answers, enjoy the wholesale green laser conversation.

You might be very much surprised by what you learn about the other BURNING LASER person. People are fun and BLUE LASER are so different but also so alike. Finding out your new wholesale laser pointer girlfriend to be like minded with you should turn your date into a celebration at the wholesale red laser end. Be prepared!

Don't force anyone to answer a question they don't want to and don't pry Wholesale deeper if they are not willing to talk about a certain Wholesalers subject. Good manners are a must when asking personal and intimate WHOLESALE ELECTRONICS questions, especially if you are not too acquainted with each RED LASER other.

1. What was your best job?

2. What were your worst 100MW LASER jobs?

3. Tell me all the places you worked

4. Tell me about your best 532NM LASER friend

5. Tell me about your family

6. Tell me about your relatives

7. What was your first CHEAP ELECTRONICS car?

8. Favorite movie star?

9. Favorite entertainer?

10. Favorite song?

11. What were your life changing DISCOUNT ELECTRONICS moments?

12. First girlfriend/boyfriend?

13. First kiss?

14. What is the dumbest thing you have ever ELECTRONICS WHOLESALERS done?

15. Have you ever been arrested?

16. Political affiliation?

17. Have you voted for someone you wished 250mw laser pointer hadn't?

18. Have you used drugs?

19. Do you like to 250mw green laser shop?

20. Best way to relax?

21. Favorite thing to do alone?

22. Ever had a one night GREEN LASER stand?

23. Do you save money?

24. What hobbies to you spend money LASER BEAM on?

25. If you found a $100 what would you do?

26. Do you want children/more children?

27. Are you a good LASER PEN parent?

28. What makes a good parent?

29. Are you romantic?

30. Ever loose a pet?

31. Dog or cat?

32. Pets growing LASER POINTER up?

33. Sleep in the nude?

34. Favorite midnight snack?

35. Do you exercise?

36. Did you ever see your 100mw blue laser parents making love?

37. Peanut butter and what?

38. What is one food you will never give up?

39. What is a food you can live without?

40. Favorite drink 100mw laser pointer?

41. Perfect day?

42. How many CDs do you own?

43. How many DVDs do you own?

44. Favorite thing to spend 20mw green laser money on?

45. What is the weirdest thing about you?

46. What is on your bedside 100mw red laser table?

47. Are you cheap or thrifty?

48. Ever been in love with 2 200mw laser pointer people at the same time?

49. Grades in high school?

50. Favorite 10mw green laser teacher?

51. Relatives in jail?

52. Toppings on pizza?

53. Black or white?

54. Glass half full or half empty?55. Ever been to a 10mw laser pointer food shelf?

56. Ever milked a cow?

57. Ever tipped a cow?

58. Bath or shower?

59. Mountains or the 150mw green laser beach?

60. Plane, train or automobile?

61. Favorite all time movie?

62. Worse movie you have ever seen 150mw laser pointer?

63. Best concert you have been to?

64. Beer, wine or coffee?

65. Best vacation?

66. If you could retire tomorrow what would 200mw green laser do?

67. Worse vacation?

68. Three places you would love to visit 300mw green laser?

69. Worse boss?

70. If you could do anything what would 300mw laser pointer be?

71. Super powers you wish you had?

72. Ever had a massage?

73. Ideal romantic 532nm green laser dinner?

74. Dumbest purchase you ever made?

75. Where did you find money when you were flat broke?

76. Ever sold 50MW green laser blood?

77. What 30mw laser pointer sporting event/concert/entertainment would you buy tickets to 30mw green laser regardless of price?

78. Ever hit a jackpot on a slot machine?

79. Ever won the lottery?

80. What would you do with your lottery 500mw green laser winnings?
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PostSubject: Re: 100 Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend - Fun Laser Questions   Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:36 pm

I want to wholesale some of 200mw green laser and tattoo needle, if you have enough supply, and give me enough price I would like to buy some
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100 Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend - Fun Laser Questions
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